Welcome to My Own Will. My name is Wilma Mangila-Lapuz. Seeker of knowledge as most of my friends and acquaintances ask me to answer their questions about life, money and relationship.

What you will find on My Own Will
* We will touch your subconscious mind
* Extra money from internet
* Earn from different investment vehicles
* How to have a honeymoon period in everyday of your life

My passion is to inspire people to reach their full potential. Let’s start to nourish our mind and body to change not only our OWN world but this whole world.

Drop me an email if:
- You have an idea that can help more people in regards with relationship, money, career and leisures.
- You want me to get involved in your projects/ideas.
- Or you just want to say hi!

The best way to reach me is through email: willlapuz@gmail.com. I'll get back to you as soon as I get that. Promise! :)